Types of construction

Quality is one of the aspects that Viggo doesn’t strike off. Besides fabric, the internal construction is one of the two most essential elements of a quality jacket. The building method aims at the front of the jacket, formed by plastron, shoulders and the upper sleeve section, and it’s intended to reinforce and obtain a wrinkle-free and clean aspect. The two construction types, traditional and semi-traditional (full-canvas and half-canvas) define and complete the craft of the Viggo jackets.

Canvas is a cotton weave reinforced with a layer of horsehair that is manually sewed underneath the wool fabric shell to hold the shape of the suit, providing structure, durability, and ease. The whole effort and craft required in building a full canvas jacket take form in a unique article, that lasts over time and shapes the personality of the one who wears it.

The natural elasticity, absolute comfort and the premium aspect of a full canvas jacket are the results of a long crafting process due to the complex manufacturing techniques as well as the carefulness put into details.

On the other hand, even if the semi-traditional jacket uses canvas exclusively in the lapels area, the benefits are lower production costs, (thus a lower selling price) while maintaining a smooth and durable aspect.

Types of cuts

Sartorial details


The art of crafting a suit that impossible to overlook stands both in the perfect cut adapted to the body-build as well as the quality of the fabric used. Our vast experience in the menswear fashion world helped us define solid partnerships with the most prestigious suppliers from England and Italy. Therefore, we can offer an excellent price vs. quality point that is very competitive on the market.