Viggo Made-to-Measure offers you absolute control over your suit.

At Viggo, choosing the right suit starts with a conversation. Why is this? Because, before you settle on the details of your next suit, you should have a chat with a professional fashion adviser. A brief wardrobe audit as well as understanding the context in which the costume will be worn are essential aspects when it comes to obtaining outstanding results.

We help you choose the right fabric

The next step is choosing the right fabric which fits the proper context for you. Certain factors are taken into account: the season, your job, or the event or occasion where the future pieces will be worn. Our close partnerships with the most respected suppliers in the world helped shape a collection of over 5000 fabrics in fascinating color palettes, with textures and patterns of the most special.

Tailored to fit your personality

The most exciting and artistic step is the customization process. Since you’ve already chosen the perfect fabric, now it’s time to let your imagination flow and select every detail related to your suit’s design. Everything is bespoke, from the type of construction, either half or full-canvas, lapel type, down to the smallest details, like pockets, lining, buttonholes, and even the thread used in sewing the buttons. Choosing the text and monogram style inside the jacket is the final touch to a unique piece.

Unique through design. Perfect through the cut.

A custom made suit has to be more than just unique through design. It means that, first of all, the cut has to be perfect. The most important step when opting for a made-to-measure suit is the measurements. Using a gauge (i.e., a readily tailored suit), Viggo fashion advisers decide together with the client, which measures are best fit for his body-build. Starting with the shoulders’ width, waist, the arms length or the trouser’s hem, everything is thoroughly checked to obtain a perfect fitting.