The passion for excellence takes Loro Piana on a journey around the world in search of the finest natural fibers.
This effort aligns with the commitment to environmental sustainability, the protection of valuable natural resources being a constant of its strategy.
Loro Piana starts from the high-standard selection of wool, cashmere or vicuña yarns, which it transforms using specially developed techniques.
In this way, the balance between artisanal tradition and pioneering innovations is achieved. This is how the luxury fabrics that Viggo Tailoring makes available through Made to Measure and Bespoke tailoring services are born.

The touch of luxury through Loro Piana fabrics

Discover Viggo Flagship Store and Viggo Baneasa Shopping City, where we reveal the secrets of luxury created in Italy under the Loro Piana signature.

Australis, Events, Atelier, Jersey, Sopra Visso, Cashmere Award or Mare are some of the Loro Piana collections from which you can select sophisticated and unique fabrics.


Loro Piana presents its new jersey collection, an innovative fabric obtained by looping a single thread. Jersey originates on the island of Jersey in the late 1800s, where it was used to make work clothes for local fishermen - comfortable, sturdy garments ideal for their hard life at sea. It is now known for its extraordinary comfort, bidirectional stretch and ability to adapt to the wearer's movements. Made from precious cashmere or wool, used pure or mixed with other superlative quality fibers, it is available in a wide range of shades and solid patterns, in refined looking knitted fabrics, with different finishes and weights.


Cotton, linen and precious silk - these are the fibers designed by Loro Piana to take the center stage in refined and comfortable summer wardrobes. A variety of textures and weights ideal for suits, jackets and trousers, with a palette of colors starting from neutral tones to shades of blue or light colors, suitable for different types of personality.


Loro Piana Events is a selection of the finest materials for formal wear and special occasions. Made of superlative fibers, they are suitable for daytime events, tuxedos, frock coats and vests. Pure wool mixed with silk or stretch is ideal for obtaining garments with supreme comfort. Silk jacquard and velvet complete the Events range, combining tradition with modernity to express the wearer's personal style.


A fiber with an exceptional fineness. This is the starting point for an incredibly light but extremely durable fabric: Super 150'S wool, remarkable for comfort, fluidity, breathability. Available in a varied range of classic or modern models from which we can tailor versatile suits.


The Cruise collection is a creative combination of superlative fibers: a selection of fabrics designed for those who want to travel in style. The refined, tactile experience, specific to Loro Piana fabrics, is completed by an explosive mix of vibrant shades, effects and pastels. Colors and models inspired by an exotic aesthetic to create original pieces of clothing, full of character.

Australis Natural Stretch

A unique fabric. An adventure that begins in the far and mysterious Australia, originally known as Terra Australis Incognita or the Unknown Southern Land. This is where the super soft and fluid Super 150'S wool, used to produce Australis, is born. This collection presents the most refined options in the Natural Stretch version, treated with special finishing processes that emphasize the wool's natural ability to return to its original shape.

Sopra Visso

This story of all-Italian excellence revolves around a heritage wool, masterful savoir-faire and Loro Piana's passion for authentic quality. Sopravvissana wool comes from an Italian breed of sheep native to the village of Visso in the Sibillini Mountains. Loro Piana created the fabrics of the Sopra Visso collection by mixing Sopravvissana with refined merino wool, taking inspiration from the look and patterns of Shetland and Harris fabrics and drawing on the brand's expertise in natural fibers and skill in identifying, preserving and improving their natural properties. The production techniques were developed especially for this product. The resulting fabric has a casual look in checks, Prince of Wales and stripes in shades taken from the landscapes of central Italy.

Loro Piana Zenit®

Inspired by Loro Piana's passion for the finest fibers in the world, Loro Piana Zenit® is a selection of outstanding raw materials, available exclusively through bespoke and made to measure services.

Trainings and Private Events

We are proud to be part of the Loro Piana community through a close partnership, a relationship consolidated over time through which we can bring you the expertise of the most important fabric brand and the most exclusive fibers in the world. Viggo sales advisors benefited from Loro Piana's know-how during a training and socialization session at the brand's factory in Quarona and Roccapietra, Italy.

The invitations to the exclusive events presenting the new collections and the informal Loro Piana dinners make Viggo a valued partner and allow us to bring you the latest news of the Italian brand for the first time in Romania.

Discover the Loro Piana Experience