Loro Piana Zenit®

Loro Piana is world-renowned for its continuous search of the most exceptional raw materials in the world, in the most remote corners of the globe. The company is not only committed to sourcing and selecting fibers, but also conducts in-depth studies and research to transform these little wonders of nature into extraordinary fabrics.

Inspired by Loro Piana's passion for the finest fibers in the world, Loro Piana Zenit® is a selection of outstanding raw materials available exclusively through bespoke and made to measure services.

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Vicuña, the most precious and rare animal fiber in the world, comes from a small and graceful member of the camel family, a sacred animal worshiped by the Incas.

The animals are shorn once every two years and each adult produces approximately 250 grams of wool which, once the thicker hairs are removed, drops to only 120-150 grams.

A rare and exclusive material that can be collected and processed using only traditional techniques that require a lot of time.


The highest quality, finest lots of this prized fibre come from Inner and Outer Mongolia.

To survive in its hostile habitat with freezing winters and scorching summers, the hircus goat, under its longer, coarser outer coat, has developed an underfleece of ultra-soft, ultrafine fibres, with an average diameter of about 14.5 microns.

In spring when the weather is warmer, the herders harvest the fleece using a delicate combing technique which does not harm the animals in any way. Each goat yields around 250 grams of fibre every year, and after the coarse guard hairs are removed, no more than 100 grams remain.

This is why cashmere is so precious. Loro Piana only buys the highest quality, finest cashmere, meticulously assessing the quality of the fibre before converting it into superlative yarns and fabrics.

Merino Wool

The best quality wool - the finest and softest - comes from the Merino sheep.
This breed found its ideal habitat in Australia and New Zealand, where it was brought by the British at the end of the 18th century.

Superfine wool is still a rare and valuable material. The supreme fineness of the fiber results in precious fabrics with an immediately perceptible softness and fluidity to the touch.

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