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Men's suit. A simple coat, a necessity, a uniform? The last few years capture the suit in a new and optimistic position: that of armor for the contemporary gentleman. The suit has become more than a necessity. It is now a key element in men's wardrobe, indispensable in the most different situations. The costume becomes a means of expression, a refuge, an essential tool in building great achievements.


The Made to Measure suit means, above all, control. Because each stage of making a custom-made suit is particularly important and is handled individually, together with the customer, control over the final result is absolute. A Made to Measure men's suit is a reflection of the wearer's personality, being built exclusively on the basis of his choices starting with the fabric, going through customization details and up to the design and cut. A custom-made suit implies perfect quality, and the quality is given not only by the product itself, but also by the clothing consulting services.


Making a purchase decision, in Romania, proves to be a really difficult one. The offer of men's suits is ever wider, with a variety of fabrics, models, cuts and, of course, prices. Classifying them according to the manufacturing method, men's suits are of three types: bespoke, made to measure and ready to wear. The differences between the three are some major ones, but the comparison is made, most of the time, between bespoke and made to measure. Bespoke, by definition, is classic tailoring (tailor made), i.e. made by a tailor. This involves an entirely manual process, from body measurements, to custom pattern making, to sewing and finishing. Being made by hand, the production time for a bespoke suit is one that can take up to more than a month, with the need for three or four tests in between. A bespoke service in the true sense of the word is rare in Romania, and when it is, the cost becomes one to measure. Made to measure suits are made through a semi-industrialized process, which facilitates the execution time. The measurements are taken based on a standard suit that will be filled in a form along with the fabric, details or special requirements. The standard patterns are modified according to the customer's characteristics, and the finishes are done by hand. The execution time of a made-to-measure piece of clothing is two to three weeks, and the quality is exemplary. The advantage is that once the customer's measurements are saved in the system, they can choose the fabric and details, even remotely, saving them valuable time. The prices of men's made to measure suits are, compared to bespoke, more affordable.


The difference between the two is huge, but even on the ready-made suits side, the advantages are substantial. Chances are that an off-the-rack jacket, pants, or shirt won't flatter a body as well as a custom-made garment, but their easy access and much friendlier price can be deciding factors in a comparison between the two. One of the main advantages of ready to wear lines is that of diversity. The multitude of models and styles, be they casual or elegant, be they slim or regular, autumn-winter or spring-summer, offer the customer not only ease of choice, but also certainty. A large proportion of customers who are new to bespoke suiting are unsure when shown a simple fabric swatch, finding it difficult to visualize the finished product, which is why they prefer to go for ready to wear tailored clothing. own measurements, at the tailor. In this day and age, time is always a key factor. Ready to wear collections are now very complex, and the availability of products in different sizes, as well as the in-house tailoring service, ensures a very good time to purchase an outfit, which, for many, is a real advantage. However, it has long been known that an off the shelf suit will not adapt to the shape and personality of the wearer in the same way that a made to measure one will, but it is all about luck and of course why it matters to everyone.


If you're wondering why you should opt for a custom outfit, the answer is very simple: because of the absolute control you have over your suit. And because the advantages are obvious, the most important thing is to know the step by step process of Made-to-Measure tailoring. 

Viggo headquarters


At Viggo, choosing the right suit starts with... a dialogue. Why this? Because, before establishing the physical details of the future suit, it is very important to talk with a professional clothing advisor. In a completely unique and charming environment, provided by the heritage house of the painter Gheorghe Petrașcu, each client receives a short wardrobe audit after which the context in which the desired suit will be worn is understood, an essential aspect for achieving an optimal result.

Suit material to order


The next step is the choice of fabric, its establishment being given by the season, the location of the event, the theme. Close collaboration with the world's most acclaimed fabric manufacturers has resulted in a collection of over 5000 fabrics in a fascinating color palette, with the most special textures and patterns, so as to make it easier to find the ideal fabric.

The most exciting and artistic step is the customization. Once the fabric is chosen, it's time to freely express your imagination by choosing every detail related to the design of the suit. Starting with the type of construction, be it half-canvas or full-canvas, everything is customized: the type of lapel, the number and pattern of buttons, the pockets, the lining, the buttonholes, even the thread used to sew the buttons or the lining. The choice of text and monogram style inside the jacket is the final personal touch to a one-of-a-kind, perfect garment, specially created for memorable events.



A bespoke suit means more than uniqueness by design. This means, first of all, perfection through tailoring. The most important step in creating a Made-to-Measure suit is the measurement. Using a gauge, i.e. a ready-made suit, Viggo clothing advisors decide, together with the customer, which measurements are suitable for his conformation. The width of the shoulders, the waist, the length of the sleeves or the hem of the trousers, everything is carefully checked to achieve a perfect fit. Going through all these steps, the result will undoubtedly be spectacular. The time required for the production of such an outfit is two to three weeks, but the sooner the decision is made, the more complete the peace of mind will be.

Opting for Ready-to-Wear or Made-to-Measure is ultimately a matter of preference. Maybe some of us are reticent when we see a simple piece of fabric in front of us, finding it hard to imagine the final product, or maybe some of us are gifted with a conformation suitable for ready-to-wear, all that matters, in -finally, any event should be celebrated with an outfit tailored to the wearer's personality.




The decision on the material is made according to several aspects. The season is one of the most important. For spring-summer, thin fabrics weighing up to 230gr per linear meter will be chosen, made of wool, cotton, linen, silk or combinations thereof. The colors are predominantly in bright shades, with white being in power, and the design varies between plains, checks or stripes in contrast. By comparison, the cold autumn-winter season is dominated by heavy fabrics, between 260 and over 300gr per linear meter, and the colors are mostly earthy: shades of brown, navy blue, dark green, burgundy, beige. As a design distinction, the cold season surprises with unprocessed, three-dimensional textures, surprising to the touch.


The details of the suit will, of course, be chosen according to the context of its wearing. The most common such situations are business, ceremonial or casual. The difference between the types of jackets is given by several elements: the pattern of the lapel (cutaway, lapel or shawl), the number of buttons (one button, two buttons or two rows of buttons) and, rarely, the number of slits or the type of lining. Thus, a business suit will always be constructed with a lapel or lapel, either with two buttons or, rarely, with two rows of buttons. Pants are generally classic, slightly slim and optionally cuffed. On the other hand, a tuxedo is a very special piece. With a lapel or shawl lapel, always lined in silk, it is distinguished by its single-button construction, silk welt pockets, and trousers that can be constructed with silk welts. In the case of casual outfits, contrasting jacket and trouser combinations are most common. The jacket will have a notched or peaked lapel, two-button, two-slit, and often semi-lined for extra comfort. Pants are generally shorter and can be both ironed with or without a stripe.


The vest is an extremely classic element in the male wardrobe. Due to its timeless character, its charm will never fade. The last three years capture a strong return of the vest, used predominantly in the cold season, for layering. Whether it is good or not to opt for a waistcoat is a decision strictly based on preferences, but a three-piece suit was, is and will remain a basic element in every gentleman's wardrobe.

Blue suit with tie
Black suit with bow tie


It is extremely simple. The bow tie will be worn exclusively with a tuxedo or a tailcoat. It is an element of absolute elegance, indispensable in black-tie outfits for evening events, for a wedding, a ball or a gala. The tie, by comparison, is an element that completes every business outfit, being an accessory that exudes power and self-confidence.


The time to make a custom suit depends on the fabric and construction chosen. For a fabric in stock, the delivery period is a maximum of three weeks, while for a fabric ordered from one of our suppliers, the period can increase by up to one week. Also, a traditionally constructed suit will take two days more than a semi-traditionally constructed one.


A bespoke suit is an investment, but even so, the value for money has to be right. Viggo made to measure suits start from 2000 lei for Super 110'S fabrics made by some of the most prestigious fabric manufacturers in Italy and go up to several thousand euros for Super 230's or combinations of cashmere, silk or Vicuna wool.

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Pierce Brosnan wears Viggo at the London premiere of the new DC film Black Adam. 'James Bond' chose the fuchsia two-piece suit, with a tailored cut and wide lapel.

Pierce Brosnan and 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson at the premiere of the film Black Adam. Pierce Brosnan wears the fuchsia Viggo suit.

Alessandro Del Piero inmaneaza trofeul Fifa Club World Cup 2023 echipei castigatoare Real Madrid | Made to measure outfit

DeVon Franklin la ceremonia de anuntare a nominalizarilor pentru a 95-a editie a premiilor Oscar | Shop the suit

Diego Boneta X EstiloDF | Made to measure suit

Richard Biedul X Paris Fashion Week 2023 | Made to measure suit

Jimmy Akingbola, NBCUniversal TCA Winter Press | Costum made to measure

Jimmy Akingbola in costumul orange Viggo | Made to measure

Alessandro Del Piero in Viggo suit made to measure - Qatar World Cup.

Kevin Hart wears the Viggo costume from the Colors Euphoria collection at the premiere of DC League of Super-Pets, which took place at AMC The Grove 14 in Los Angeles.
The American actor is one of the stars of the newest animated film, along with Keanu Reeves and 'The Rock' Dwayne Johnson.

Alessandro Del Piero X Viggo, Qatar World Cup.

Alessandro Del Piero and Peter Schmeichel, Qatar World Cup. Alessandro Del Piero wears a made to measure Viggo outfit.

Alessandro Del Piero and Andres Iniesta, Qatar World Cup. Alessandro Del Piero wears a made to measure Viggo outfit.

Kumail Nanjiani in a made-to-measure Viggo costume at the special screening of the series "Little America" ​​Season 2 for Apple TV+.

David Oyelowo wears Viggo at the annual 'Celebration of Black Cinema & Television' organized by the Critics Choice Association, at the Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles.

Alex Iwobi at the MOBO Awards wearing Viggo. The Premier League football player presented the award for 'Best Caribbean Music Act', won by the artist Skillibeng.

Alex Iwobi in black velvet tuxedo, trousers and ceremonial shirt.

Alessandro Del Piero wears made to measure Viggo outfits during the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Simu Liu in Viggo costume at the Box Lunch Gifts gala.

Lewis Tan in a tuxedo from the new ceremony collection, at the GQ Man of the Year gala.

Billy Eichner dressed as Viggo at the GQ Man of the Year gala.

Jack Wright at the American Music Awards in a Viggo costume.

Terrence J in Viggo's ceremonial outfit.

Brian Michael Smith in Viggo costume at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner in Washington DC.

Daniel McVicar at the ILBE presentation of the Lamborghini film in a made to measure Viggo suit.

Robert Downey Jr in Viggo costume at the Los Angeles premiere of the South Korean film Decision To Leave.

Robert Downey Jr & Susan Downey

Actor Finn Wittrock wore a Viggo outfit to the premiere of his latest film 'The Luckiest Girl Alive'.

Ross Duffer in Viggo at the Netflix Creative Arts Emmy after party in Los Angeles, California. The director and screenwriter of the series @strangerthingstv wore a Viggo outfit from the latest collection.

Wyatt Russell X Viggo at Disney's D23 Expo. The American actor wore a made-to-measure Viggo suit at the cast presentation of the latest Marvel film: Thunderbolts.

From the Viggo London showroom at the world premiere of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, actor Dylan Smith wears a Viggo outfit.

Benjamin Walker wears the double-breasted Viggo suit in the promotion of the latest series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Morris Chestnut wore a Viggo costume to the Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival.

Paul W Downs wore a Viggo outfit to the #hcatvawards , the Hollywood Critics Association awards ceremony. The American actor, creator of the series Hacks, wore a red tuxedo made of bespoke Stephen Walters fabric, a shirt and trousers from the ceremony collection.

Quincy Brown in Viggo costume at actress Paige Hurd's birthday party at Harbor House in Los Angeles.

James Badge Dale at the premiere of the series "Yellowstone 1923" in a suit from the latest collection.

Fashion Book L'Officiel Monte Carlo, cover Adam Scott in a Viggo suit made to measure.

Adam Scott wears a Viggo suit in #ActorsOnActors with Quinta Brunson for Variety magazine.

Quavo Huncho wears Viggo at the Black Ball, Fox Theater Atlanta.
For the exclusive event presented by Diddy, the American artist chose a Viggo outfit: the Stephen Walters tuxedo accessorized with a vest, shirt and bow tie.

Cannes Film Festival: Matthew Postlethwaite wore a Viggo outfit to the Top Gun Maverick premiere. The British actor looked flawless in a red tuxedo from our ceremony collection, matched with a pleated ceremony shirt, bow tie and trousers from the same collection.

Simu Liu wears Viggo at Canada's biggest music event, The Juno Awards. Winner of a Game Changer Award and People's Choice Award for his role as Shang-Chi in Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the actor wore the fuchsia Viggo costume.

Simu Liu X Viggo.