The Power of Tailoring Revealed

The sartorial art of suiting imagined by our talented tailors, ultimate quality fabrics and your unique vision, all in the privacy of a dedicated space. Our Private Trunk Shows enable a complete tailoring experience, tactile and imaginative all at once. Your personal tailor will guide you through our signature styles and a variety of luxury fabrics, combining the traditional measurement process with artificial intelligence.

Pleased To Meet You

We started Viggo 20 years ago in a quest for absolute perfectionism in men’s tailoring. The traditional artskills of our tailors embrace innovation through state of the art design in premium and luxury collections, from classical business suites to casual style items. Launched at Pitti Uomo fair, Viggo Tailoring is a complete menswear brand born from the solid fashion sense of a team of experienced professionals. Viggo Tailoring promises perfection in tailoring through the excellent collaboration with internationally renowned fabrics suppliers, namely Loro Piana, Fratelli Piacenza, Carlo Pozzi, Gratacos, Lanificio Tallia di Delfino. The selection of colours and textures provided by the world’s most prestigious textile producers accommodate all wardrobe needs of the contemporary gentleman. Our signature lies in sophisticated color choices and immaculate details on impeccable executed pieces, made in Europe in one of the two most prestigios facilities, Formens and D'Avenza Italy.

The Atelier Customized Experience

It takes more than 25 hours to create a suit and over 150 hours for our handmade couture pieces with embroidered details. Behind each style that goes out from our made to measure atelier there are a series of manual techniques and a dedicated team of tailors, each specialized in a specific process.

We believe in the reintroduction of the number classification system in menswear tailoring. Committed to fine rate quality, we stay transparent regarding our suits that fall in the “1” to “6” categories. Let us teach you how to compare value and quality when choosing your tailor.

The Construction

Our Full Canvas is made of horsehair and wool, having the role of balancing structure and shape, giving the silhouette a natural effect and having the ability to adapt and improve over time. The Full Canvas construction extends to the full length of the jacket and has also the role of distributing tension from the stress points such as shoulders and elbows.

Lapel Hand Pick Stitch

A benchmark in the world of fine tailoring, the hand pick stitch is a small but meaningfull stitch detail that runs along the lapel of our jacket. It sets apart a custom made jacket and is a clear indicator of high quality.

Collar Entirely Handmade

The focus on artisanal techniques will provide your item with authenticity and quality. The hand sewn collar ensures the fluidity and comfort of your jacket.

The Tacking

An important stage in the construction of a quality jacket, the tacking gives a distinctive shape finish and contributes to the perfect fit. Tacking the armholes, the canvas, the shoulders, sleeves and collar are delicate operations that our tailors perfected over time. The pocket
tacking is also essential in order to ensure the perfect boat shape.

Sartorial Handcrafted Details

Small details but handcrafted minute operations: attaching the buttons, the lining, sewing the pockets and the shoulder pads. These are all manual gestures that add value to a final item that will breathe individuality. The manual buttonhole adds to the Viggo signature.

The Fabrics

The ongoing quest to source the world's finest fabrics brought us in the close company of renowned international suppliers. Loro Piana's superlative Zenit collection, along with vicuna and cashmere selections, Mr. Carlo Pozzi's luxurious silk, Gratacos fine prints and embroideries, Fratelli Piacenza jaquards in silk and cashmere, are part of our portofolio. Your personal tailor will present you a full catalogue of unique, hard to find fabrics, adapted to your preferences.

The Team

Meet your personal tailor, who will accompany you through the entire process of creating your Viggo customized item, from the choice of fabrics and style to the measurements stage, followed by delivery within 7 days.

Ionut Marin

Founder and CEO of the brand, with an extensive experience in tailoring, but most of all passionate about aesthetics and high quality.

Catalina Pirvu

Sales director and styling perfectionist, with an eye for detail refined at the italian Marangoni Institute.

Viggo AIT

We take a step into the future through the beautiful combination of traditional skills and artificial intelligence. Our unique app system allows you to experiment a measurements and fitting session in just two steps. Your personal tailor will be able to determine your size by taking only two - front and profile pictures. The AI will find your perfect size and your profile will automatically be transmitted to our soft. The service is an addition to our traditional measurements service, that you are invited to try out.

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